California State University Dominguez Hills First YAL Activity! 

On October 18th the CSUDH YAL chapter held their first activity, the free speech ball! It went off well as many students where very interested in why there was a large beach ball on campus. We greeted them with a friendly smile and offered them the chance to write on our free speech ball. As they where writing we told them about what the beach ball activity stood for, free speech and the ability to say whatever you want on the CSUDH campus. We had the ball to challenge the “free speech zones” that only allowed students to express free speeches in designated ares. I could already see the result of  the lack of free speech on campus during the activity as many students hesitated and asked if they really could right whatever they wanted. We assured them that they could and why groups like ours are here to help in making sure students can feel free to say whats on their minds. After they signed the ball we told them all about YAL and what we stand for, as well as inform them that we where looking to expand our DH chapter with as many students as we can. Overall we got people to sign up for more information and we opened some peoples mind to the idea of free speech and discussion at the Dominguez Hills campus.


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