California: The New Ideal?

California, typically thought of as the most progressive state in the union, has done something surprisingly unprogressive: it has invoked its rights as a state. A ballot measure being proposed by activists would legalize possession of up to one ounce of marijuana, permit residents to grow  it in their own gardens, and allow counties and cities to either uphold or shoot down the measure. If passed, this measure would result in the de facto nullification of certain federal drug laws.

What is even more encouraging is that local jurisdictions will ultimately decide the bills fate. Local governance, at least for the time being, is on the rise (As an aside, around where I live, many communities have voted to reduce the size of the town boards. It has been mainly seen as a “piss off” to our oversized local governments.) This bill, which has much more potential to come to fruition than do the many other states’ rights bills in other state legislatures, could set a precedent and even start a domino effect. States are starting to realize that they should ultimately have much more of a say than the federal government, which is usually either insensitive to or ignorant of the cultural differences between the many states.

End the Drug War. Invoke states’ rights. It’s the only chance we have of escaping the Leviathan. 

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