Calling all New England libertarians/conservatives…

My name is Megan Duffield and I am working my hardest to ensure that New England campuses are not covered with ONLY liberal thought.  I have been traveling around New England for 2 weeks now starting groups such as: GOA at URI, Young Americans for Liberty at Fitchburg, Tufts libertarians, etc. Now I want to help you out on your campus.

E-mail me at any point in the day to express your ideas, organize a group, or learn more of what the Leadership Institute has to offer. or

It is important that we take back the campuses here in the New England area!  If you are that leader or want to be, contact me ASAP and we will get a successful group started on your campus.

These are the states I’m working in: CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME.  Thanks!

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