Calling Liberty Minds at Texas Tech

As I was browsing the internet (searching articles about Ron Paul) I came across this article from the Texas Tech student paper:

Federal Reserve not perfect, but necessary:

Now this is one of the biggest arguments politicians like Ron Paul and other anti-federal proponents like to make; that the fact that the fed is partly private and owned by commercial banks somehow constitutes some sort of giant conspiracy against the people of this country. This argument is misguided and naïve…..

Now, let’s say you have just been shot and are suffering from a bullet wound. Who are you going to trust to treat your wound? An accountant? A lawyer? A politician or bureaucrat? No, you’re going to trust a physician, somebody with experience in the field. You’re going to trust somebody like Ron Paul, because he is a physician by practice.

Mr. Paul has no formal education or background in economics or financial matters, yet some people like to believe he knows more about the economy than economic PhD recipients. 

So it is possible for someone liberty-minded at Texas Tech to respond?  If not, I (or someone in YAL?) would be glad to respond.  I believe a response is needed, not to defend Dr. Paul, but to point out flaws in the argument and it’s a great chance to publish an article about the Fed. 

You can read the rest of the article here.

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