Campus Activity (Spring Semester)

This is a run down on what some campuses around the country have been doing and or what they plan on doing in the near future.

Wichita State

Wichita State printed out about 50 copies of the Obama YAL fliers we posted, and added their contact and meeting info before posting them around campus. They’re planning on having a viewing party of “For Liberty” in the campus theater in either late February or early March. They’re hoping to work with the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) on their campus to co-sponsor an event this semester. Finally they’re looking to get more involved with politics at the local level.

Florida StateFlorida State is an extremely busy campus. Every month they host a free-market economics education lecture/seminar for the local adult community in Tallahassee, and have had two so far covering Health Economics and basic economic principles (what is wealth, how is value determined, etc.) They had their first general meeting a week ago and are looking forward to their next event co-sponsored with another group on campus featuring Ilya Shapiro of the Cato Institute. FSU’s events are every other week and the line-up features Dr. Bruce Benson, Dr. Tom Woods, reps from FIRE and a speaker from LEAP over the next couple of months. On top of all of that they have weekly reading/discussion groups where they discuss many topics including current issues as well as deeper intellectual topics; the next topic will be discussions over readings of “For A New Liberty.”

Colorado State

Colorado State is currently working on business cards that point out how both parties have had the same policies for awhile now. They will be looking around for funding to print these cards from local businesses. If anyone knows any businesses in the Colorado area that could help out, make sure and let them know.

Purdue Purdue University recently held tables in the middle of their student Union Lunch area, right next to a busy Starbucks (good choice).  They had YAR magazines, US constitutions, surveys about what the people were interested in(politically), as well as putting to use the Operation Polotical Homeless kits to attract attention.  They were engaging and friendly. On Tuesday they showed the film IOUSA. More importantly though, in just over the past week they received 48 signatures, three full pages of new potential recruits. Great job!

Kansas State Kansas State is planning on implementing the Freedom Fridays idea which came from Wake Forest’s YAL chapter last year. Their first Freedom Friday will be dealing with foreign aid, specifically dealing with the Haitian earthquake. KSU will be starting a newsletter within the next couple weeks. Its going to be called the Liberty Ledger. They plan on releasing it online through their website, which is still in the process of being made. Once the newsletter is made they’re thinking about placing it in every dorm mailbox on campus.

Indiana The two branches of Indiana University, Indiana University-Kokomo and Indiana University-Bloomington have been on top of the ball so far this semester. First of all, the Kokomo chapter has held a couple tabling events, one that has a video from it already ( We’re excited to see the video of their other table.  Bloomington has been really busy too. They had a classical liberal economist come and speak at their group meeting. They had a callout meeting, which offered free pizza and burritos, and were able to get a whole sign up sheet filled up. IU-Bloomington also took a bunch of the Obama Bush printouts and slid them under students’ doors in the dorm. Finally they’ve sturred up a bit of controversy in regards to Tom Woods coming to their campus. Check that out here( 

Illinois StateIllinois State started off the semester with a pizza party for their members. They recently took a bunch of signs and stood on the side of the road to protest U.S. foreign occupation. It looked cold but from the pictures it seemed like they had a good time.

Thanks to everyone that sent me updates on what your campus has been up to. We really want to continue showcasing campus activism, so if you ever have any photos or videos of any events or just want to give a written update on what your campus has been doing either send them in to or contact Bonnie Kristian about getting access to the blog so you can post what your campus has been doing yourself. You can contact Bonnie at with your username.

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