Campus Clipboarding

Due to hurdles from the school, we had some trouble getting a table at Macomb Community College’s student org fair on Monday and Tuesday. But, we decided to clipboard around campus to get some sign-ups and it went pretty well.

No interactions with faculty made for smooth sailing while spreading the message of liberty! We handed out pocket Constitutions and got contact information while speaking with some people who love small government. Some didn’t want to take a “free” Constitution for some reason. There’s even a foreword from former Congressman Ron Paul in there. Unfortunately, we still have not found a faculty advisor even after speaking with two of my former teachers. The school says that our chapter needs an advisor. But rabble-rousers don’t need rules! We plan on having a meeting within the next couple weeks to introduce new members to YAL and to discuss future activities. 

I can’t wait to get back out there!

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