Campus Debate at North Carolina State University

3 Speakers. 1 Moderator. 140 attendees. 1 Awesome night. 

This past Wednesday, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at NC State hosted an Issues debate. Debaters included Rick Perlstein (the liberal), Jim Harper (the libertarian), and Mike Adams (the conservative). Our moderator was Kory Swanson of the John Locke foundation. 

The debaters

The event was not only informational, but entertaining and relatable to the average college student. This debate, unlike our presidential debates, engaged its audience and allowed for multiple viewpoints. Issues included were marriage (of course, it’s North Carolina), government spending, foreign policy, the role of government, and numerous topics that were proposed at the end by attendees. 


The debaters did a wonderful job of representing their respective ideology while captivating the audience. It was clear that there was disagreement among the debaters and the spectators alike, but humor was used to lighten the mood. Attendees were also allowed to speak with our debaters at the conclusion of the presentation. 


We even made the front page of our student newspaper, The Technician, the following morning.


The goal of this debate was to have engaged students learning about the actual ideologies by focusing on the issues and not necessarily the parties.At the end of the day, we succeeded in meeting this goal here at NC State.


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