Campus Fest Kickoff at BGSU

September 3 was the kickoff for our first annual event for Campus Fest, Bowling Green’s Student organization fair. Unlike previous years the event was held on different parts of campus and we were not sure where our designated table would be.

Table Setup

Check-in was at 10:00 a.m. and by a stroke of good luck, YAL landed one of the best spots to have a table, right out front the student union on campus, it was then time to get active.


Using materials from our activism kit and materials from previous years were able to cover our table with great material handouts, custom info cards, and books from Hayek to Jeffrey Tucker and Lawrence Reed.

We caught a lot of the traffic during the event and we certainly kept the energy up all though it. We had plenty of students take our political quiz, and besides those who claimed they “knew what they were”, there were many students who identified themselves as ‘politically homeless’. Often to their surprise, when they marked their place on our large scale Nolan chart, they landed on the liberty side of the spectrum.

quiz taker 2

One of the things I was most proud of is that we were not just paper-passers. We didn’t just have students float by grabbing our handouts and maybe signing up, we had them participate. During the four hours of this event we had multiple students talk with us for several minutes about topics like foreign policy and states’ rights.

Mark the Spot

At the end of the day we had around 36 signups, and at our follow-up meeting we had four new member’s shows up along and two more who were unavailable but wanted to attend in the future. Six out the 36 people we contacted actually reached and showed a desire to get involved with YAL at Bowling Green. That’s a successful event and a good day for the liberty movement.

Quiz Taker

Political Quiz

Stand in Front! Not behind that table!

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