Campus Invasion at Cal Poly Pomona

On Thursday, September 25, I, along with co-state chairs Henry Chitic and Ben Roden, headed to California State Polytechnic University-Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona) for a campus invasion.

We did not anticipate a parking nightmare and ended up starting two hours later than our originally planned time due to the inability to find parking. Despite the setback, we eventually set up outside the school library where foot traffic was higher compared to the designated tabling area.

Fortunately, no campus bureaucrats intervened for the time that we were there. Foot traffic was lower since many students were in class at the time, but we still managed to get 30 sign-ups in two hours.

We held the first meeting the same night. Three students showed up, and though this number was small, all three were very excited and interested in bringing liberty onto their campus. After some pizza and good talks, one student was willing to start the chapter application in order to put Cal Poly Pomona on the path to becoming a chapter.

Overall, despite some of the hurdles we faced early in the day, we came through and met our goal of finding students willing to begin the chapter creation process and advance the cause of liberty!

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