Campus Invasion at Roosevelt University

As a YAL State Chair, it’s my goal to bring the fight for liberty to as many colleges as possible in my home state. That goal proves to be more challenging at some campuses versus others. Sometimes it’s just hard to find the right leader at a school.

Last week, I traveled across the city to Roosevelt University, where I performed a campus invasion. Wearing my YAL t-shirt with a clipboard in hand, along with some YAL brochures, I talked with many students walking around on campus. Every student I talked to had never heard of our organization but were interested in the idea of a club that’s interested in principles rather than party. Ten students that I talked to agreed to sign up for more information using the sheet on my clipboard, and I look forward to communicating further with them. Hopefully, the progress made in this invasion will help me in my pursuit to bring liberty to their campus!

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