Campus Invasion at UW – La Crosse


The first of a long series of campus invasions in the state of Wisconsin was a success! At the campus of UW – La Crosse in La Crosse, WI , we were able to establish a new chapter of Young Americans for Liberty!

Look 1

With the help of the University of Wisconsin – Baraboo’s YAL Chapter’s Director of Design, Grace Ehlert, and the WI State Chair we were able to sign up roughly 25 people who were interested in liberty. After being shunned from getting a booth at the fair without them charging a fortune, we decided to sandwich board it throughout the campus.

On the hunt

During our follow-up meeting after the fair, we were able to give away free pizza and got 6 interested students to join and talk about liberty and how we can work together to start a new chapter. Amazingly, two members jumped straight up and asked to be part of the leadership team. They are now really pushing this thing into something great! 

Sign up

These guys have got me really excited to see that there is seriously a TON of liberty-minded individuals! I can’t wait to see what these guys are going to do on their campus this semester!

Leadership meeting

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