Campus Invasion at Western Oregon University

Joshua and Breanne- recruitment extraordinaire

The campus invasion at Western Oregon University was a great success for YAL on a hard campus. With a student population of about 5,000, we organized about 15-20 students and managed to locate and confirm a faculty adviser for the group. I met with two of the three officers, Patrick and Breanne to discuss plans for the first semester and resources that both YAL and LI can help them out with. 

I plan to visit the campus again to help them recruit new members. Since I tabled on a Wednesday this time, I will table on a Tuesday or Thursday next time to catch students with different class schedules and walking paths. I will arrive a few hours earlier for more exposure and I will use the “What are you politically?” interactive quiz in hopes to garner more interest and bring more people in. 

*On a separate note, I have also been seriously considering trading out my candy for granola bars. I’m not sure hippies even like sugar. I have observed that their diet consists mostly of fruits, nuts and grains.

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