Campus Invasion on UW-Platteville

Starting the day really early, we were able to beat the rush before the involvement fair had even started.

open area

Using just a clipboard and a sandwich sign, we were able to sign up quite a few potential new members!

On the move

With the help of the leadership institute’s Hans Schulzke, I set up tables after some of the participants had left.

Our table

Like a champ

We were able to snag a few more people after this to invite to the meeting later that night.

the sign ups

meeting :)

After sending out a reminder email for the follow up meeting with free pizza and calling each and every contact on the list, we were able to get seven students to show up at the meeting. Of these students, three of them volunteered for leadership positions within the new chapter!

I am proud to say that they are already recognized as official status after just one short week.

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