Campus Invasion: Wisconsin Lutheran College

On Friday, November 10, I made the trek to Milwaukee to go do a campus invasion at a tiny private college called Wisconsin Lutheran College. There had been a chapter there in the past, but it died out. This is not entirely surprising, as the school’s total enrollment is just over 1,000 students.

Regardless, I was ready to find a new leader there! I made my way to the student center, scoped it out, and decided to set up my table in the undergraduate/graduate lounge. I had been there for not even 10 minutes when someone from administration approached me. She started interrogating me like I had just murdered a student, which seemed rather harsh. She asked me for my name about 5 times, asked if I had acquired any student information, kept reiterating that I was not allowed there, and insisted on escorting me to the door that was about 20 feet max from where I had set up my table initially. All in all, it was a less than satisfying experience, but I’ll be back to start a chapter there soon.

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