Campus Life Night 2.0

During the Winter, Grand Valley State University hosts a recruitment drive for all of the student organizations, known as “Campus Life Night 2.0”. Grand Valley’s YAL chapter took this opportunity to offer resources to students, while educating them about the principles of liberty.

The operation “politically homeless” quiz was a huge success at “Campus Night Life 2.0” and brought in more students than anticipated. Students from all walks of life enjoyed seeing where they fell on the political spectrum, since many of them were unfamiliar with the two-dimensional compass.  This compass attracted both right-leaning and left-leaning libertarians, thus allowing a middle-ground to be established between two groups of people fighting for the same cause. 

The resources granted by Young Americans for Liberty and Students For Liberty allowed students to walk home with pro-liberty pamphlets, constitutions, books, stickers, pens, buttons, and even a couple T-Shirts! By the end of the recruitment drive, Grand Valley’s YAL chapter was able to add around 30 contacts to the email list.

The President of The American Civil Liberties Union approached the YAL table and brought to our attention that Grand Valley has a “free-speech” code that prohibits the use of any language that may be offensive on campus and restricts the right of free-speech to designated areas. Our YAL chapter and The ACLU look forward to working together to fight these unconstitutional school policies.

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