Campus Life Night at Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley State University’s YAL chapter will undoubtedly be larger, stronger, and louder than ever this semester!

A freshman gladly takes some free reading materials

This week’s recruitment efforts were a huge success thanks to everyone who helped out. Annually, GVSU hosts “Campus Life Night”, a massive gathering where students can to promote their groups and recruit new members.  By the end of the two-hour recruitment drive, our chapter earned over fifty signups from highly interested students, many of which who were already familiar with the principles of libertarianism.

Be personable!   You are a libertarian, not a robot!

It’s fun and easy to attract students when you have awesome resources to giveaway, as well as passionate people to help spread the message!  Yelling phrases like “End the Drug War”, “Stop the NSA”, and “Come get free stuff” proved to be an extraordinarily effective tabling technique.  As students approach the table, the YAL leadership team made sure to give a brief introduction to libertarianism, followed by an invitation to our first event on Wednesday.

More Signups!

Students are more eager now than ever to liberate Grand Valley’s campus, especially after hearing about the administration’s impediments on Free Speech.  Most students were unaware that Grand Valley State University has “Free Speech Zones” and many did not even know what a free speech zone was.  After hearing more about our goal to have these zones removed and the strategies we will employ to remove them, students were quick to sign up and offer their support for the coming semester.  

A clean and organized table is crucial for any successful recruitment drive!

Matt drawing in a crowd with a "Don't Tread on anyone" sign. 

The War on Drugs was another topic that brought a great deal of people to the table.  Students are fed up with big government telling them what they can and cannot put into your own bodies. Students were happy to take pins, pens, posters, stickers, and pamphlets to help spread the message of personal liberty to their peers. The visual aids that we used were extremely effective in catching the eyes of wanderers. The president of the newly forming S.S.D.P chapter on campus even managed to find his way to the YAL table, which resulted in a fantastic networking experience. We look forward to co-hosting events with S.S.D.P in the near future.  

We are here to help students smile, laugh, and learn

As the night winded down and students began making their way back to their dorms, apartments, and vehicles, we felt something…. It was more than sheer bliss, fulfillment, or pride.  We could envision what we’ve been trying to imagine for so long…. Everything is coming together impeccably.  After years of trial and error, leadership trainings, conferences, networking, and intermittent discouragement, we can now smell what is the emergence of a free society, we are able to see the results of our hard work, we hear the message of liberty resonating in the minds of our peers, we are feeling the rise of libertarian principles, and we can finally taste the future of this movement.

A celebratory selfie with our friend, Vince, from the Leadership Institute!

Emphasizing the importance of free speech on campus

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