Can I have your attention, please?

Please take 2 minutes of your day and spend it this way:

1. Check out this website for directions.

2. Ask your Representative to support H.R. 1207 and your Senators to support S. 604.  If they already cosponsored it, thank them for their continued support.

3. Ask that they call for that bill to be brought up in this session and request a Roll Call vote of this bill by itself75% of Americans favor auditing the Federal Reserve.  Over 300 Representatives are signed on as co-sponsors in the House and over 30 Senators have signed on as well! (That’s what you call true bi-partisan support!)

Trust me, it’s super easy, takes 2 minutes, and you’ll simply talk to a friendly staffers at your representatives’ offices — so you don’t need to feel nervous about talking to someone important. Besides, you’re paying for them to sit there and answer the phone anyway!

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