Can we beat Obamacare?

Borrowing President Obama’s already-borrowed slogan, “Yes We Can.” But in order to do it, we need to be active in our opposition. Like all of mankind, politicians act primarily to enrich and advance themselves and their loved ones.  When one is immersed in the corrupt apparatus of the state, this human proclivity leads to especially unsavory practices. Thus, we see politicians vote to help wealthy special interests, or vote to advance themselves within their party, regardless of what is right or wrong. A majority certainly will vote to support the health care bill and appease the special interests therein should we stand idle.

But as the demise of the 2007 amnesty bill showed, elected officials do respond to avid grassroots sentiment. Many of these guys are career politicians, and exclusively rely on the state for their salaries. They WILL NOT support a bill they believe would seriously jeopardize their jobs and their lavish, coercively obtained “perks.”

Which is why we must stand up and fight. Try to get out to your nearest town hall meeting and vocally condemn this awful bill. And most importantly, promise to oppose any politician who supports it.

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