“Can We Take A Joke?” airs at Syracuse University

On Wednesday April 13th, the Syracuse University YAL chapter hosted a premiere screening of the long-awaited documentary “Can We Take a Joke?” With appearances by Gilbert Gottfried, Penn Jillette and countless others, this film brought the issue of free speech in America into the limelight by illuminating the stifling impact of political correctness and microaggressive speech on comedy.  
Watching "Can We Take a Joke" at the premiere

The students who showed up to the screening certainly had a memorable time. Those who stayed throughout the entire film had a productive discussion after it ended. We discussed our feelings on speech codes, punishment for speech, and the future of free speech on campus and beyond.  

The Leadership Institute’s Gabriella Hoffman also joined us for a while, which proved to be a pleasant surprise.This screening was Syracuse YAL’s last event of the academic year, but next year promises to be just as interesting as our new president, Justin Moore, will be taking over the reigns.  
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