“Can We Take a Joke?” at Arizona State University

On Tuesday, April 26 the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Arizona State University screened the film, “Can We Take a Joke?” This humorous film focuses on spreading awareness on how free speech is being hindered for the sake of “political correctness.” The film recognizes that the lack of tolerance towards unpopular ideas on college campuses is a growing problem that must be addressed and that requiring “trigger warnings” for sensitive material is counterproductive to preparing students for real-life.
Students at Arizona State University watch "Can We Take a Joke?"
Cody F, who is an active member of the organization had the following to say about the event:
“The film was definitely interesting to watch. What makes the documentary so appealing is its relevance to the cultural landscape of 2016. It seems like every day, there is a new word, saying, or joke that comes up that is considered offensive. It has gotten to the point where we now have to police own minds in order to avoid making someone upset. The bottom line is the only safe space worth having is a safe space from censorship.”
In conclusion, the film did a great job of showing the importance of free speech and why we should be open to listening to new ideas, even if they are not popular. 
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