Can We Take a Joke at Grand Valley State University?

Grand Valley State University students were particularly happy on Wednesday, April 20th for the premier of the documentary called, “Can We Take A Joke?” Many were eager to express their thoughts and feelings towards particular social movements. Eager to take initiative, the YAL chapter at GVSU launched a Free Speech Ball activism event to promote the screening. 
Students were extraordinarily receptive to the importance of freedom of speech and excited to participate. There were some very creative and positive messages written by thoughtful students and even professors. The most interesting take-away from launching our daytime event was that we received the same response from students time and time again.  

When expressing to students that they were able to write or draw whatever they wanted to on the giant inflatable ball, they would reaffirm in disbelief, “Are you sure I am allowed to write whatever I want?” After confirming that they could indeed write on the ball students became more aware on just how important their freedom of speech truly is. 
During the day, we made sure to notify students about the movie premier and the free pizza that came along with it. The turnout for Can We Take a Joke was excellent, the response was even better. Students from all backgrounds were sharing laughs throughout the screening. Many had come away from the screening realizing the importance of free speech on college campuses.
Can We Take A Joke 
Overall, these events proved to be a huge success and attracted many outsiders to the libertarian perspective of life. Our YAL chapter looks forward to launching similar activism events in the future.
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