Can We Take a Joke? at LCC

On April 14th, the YAL chapter at Lane Community College held two screenings of “Can We Take a Joke?” We reserved the theater at the school weeks in advance. We started handing out flyers, hanging posters and announced the event to our classes during the weeks preceding the event. We wanted students to know the importance of free speech on college campuses.

At 5pm the night before the event, the school contacted to let us know we needed a trained projectionist approved by the school to operate the equipment, and the one the school had was unavailable. The school had not mentioned this at all during the weeks prior during reservation or planning process. We think this was more incompetence on the school’s part than malice, but this still left us scrambling to find a different venue at the last minute.

We were able to get another room lined up at 8pm the morning of the event, with the first screening of the event starting at noon. We had to update posts online and hang as many posters with the updated venue as we could. We still had a great turnout and shared meaningful discussions. After the first screening several people including a proclaimed “socialist” stayed for the hour and half between screenings to engage in the discussion.

Overall, the event went well and the ideas discussed were well accepted. Although our school has a good free speech policy, it was still good to participate in bringing awareness to the issue of free speech on campuses across the country. We are excited for next semester and spreading the message of liberty. 
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