“Can We Take a Joke” at Northeastern University

While cramming around a 32 inch television in a dorm room wasn’t exactly the “Can We Take a Joke” film screening event that YAL at Northeastern initially envisioned, we’re considering it a success based on the engaging conversations that were sparked and the interest that was gained in our chapter.


As is the case with many new chapters awaiting official recognition from their universities, we were unable to use official school space for our event. So, we instead gathered our friends, grabbed some snacks, and congregated in the best space we had available to us. We had a post-screening discussion (that lasted almost as long as the film) that mainly focused on the ways in which our rights to free speech are limited at our university. Northeastern has been given a red speech code rating from FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education), but our members have the drive to see that this is changed.

Arguably the best part of showing “Can We Take a Joke” was opening the eyes of our friends who were not necessarily aware of what the liberty movement is all about prior to the screening. I think we may have even convinced a few to join us in our cause. We’re looking forward to gaining official recognition (hopefully) this fall, and hosting even bigger and better events!

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