“Can We Take a Joke” at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Going into “Can We Take a Joke?” we knew we had a lot of work to do. YAL at the University of Louisiana is a brand-new chapter, which just formed this January. We started raising awareness about the state of free speech on college campuses by getting UL students to take the “Free Speech Challenge” outside of UL’s free speech zones in March. We turned their responses into this awesome video which is at the top of our page.
free speech cards
The video got over 2,000 views and helped us create momentum going into April. The week before the screening, we had a similar “Free Speech Challenge” by getting students to write on a poster board in response to questions like “Is Taxation Theft?” As you can guess, we gained a lot of attention and effectively identified people who would be interested in our CWTAJ screening. 
The day before CWTAJ we plastered our campus with posters saying when and where the screening would be. The day of our screening, we stood outside of our library and passed out flyers encouraging people to come. We were hoping to have at least 20 people come to our screening, so we were absolutely shocked when FORTY people arrived.

CWTAJ screening

CWTAJ group pic
We had to contact our Union’s staff to get us more chairs. During the screening there was lots of laughter, and after the screening we held a discussion with a very diverse group of people. From the screening, we got fifteen sign-ups. We also invited a representative from our student newspaper, and got an article published in our student newspaper. 

Overall, the event was a great success. We look forward to continuing to spread the message of liberty on our campus. 
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