Can we take a joke? Claremont McKenna College

The YAL chapter at Claremont McKenna College participated in the fight for free speech on college campuses. We wanted to make sure students were aware of the importance of free speech and how it is under attack. We advertised the new screening of “Can We Take A Joke” with posters and passing out flyers.

We definitely hit some bumps along the way. We didn’t realize we had scheduled the screening at the exact same time as Kobe Bryant’s last home game. Despite all this we were able to grab some basketball fans and enjoyed a thought provoking documentary. Those who came became more aware of the importance of free speech on college campuses. 

We were able to learn a lot from this event, especially from the endless constitutions we handed out across campus. We cannot wait for our next event and are excited to spread the message of liberty. 

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