Can We Take A Joke? – DePauw University

On Wednesday April 20th the YAL chapter at DePauw University hosted a screening of “Can We Take a Joke?” This was the first event for our young chapter but we wanted to show the importance of free speech on college campuses. We started off rolling out a Free Speech Ball in the afternoon. The ball was well-received and we got 40 students to write on the ball and around 30 of those individuals express interest in the film. 
The screening took place later that night at 4 p.m. The movie provided an amusing yet appealing presentation of the liberty-inspired case for free speech. The discussion that followed revolved mostly around the question of whether private institutions like DePauw reserve the right to censor certain forms of speech. There has been a concern about the percentage of millennials who think the First Amendment “goes too far.”
In closing, the event had a decent reception and we were glad to have civility among our fellow students while discussing this pressing issue. 
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