Can We Take a Joke: Hawaii?

Last week, Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Hawaii at Manoa hosted a screening of the documentary, “Can We Take a Joke?.” 

Students were excited for the event, and LOVE the 1st Amendment

In the process of promoting the event, we got students to sign our Free Speech petition to support First Amendment rights on campus, recruited new members, and encouraged free thought and open discussion. 

Maggie is ready to get some folks Triggered

Most of the students we spoke to appreciated our activism and agreed that colleges and universities should be a place of learning, listening to other ideas, and sharing in civil debate/discussion. 

The set-up crew :)

Despite Hawaii having tendencies toward big government, the students of YAL at UHM are working hard to ensure a more free and prosperous future. 

YAL President Sean Mitsui

We gained a lot of attention on Campus

Of Course they do!

Do they like Free Speech?

Another One

This student can definitely take a joke.

"Do you like Free Speech?"

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