“Can We Take A Joke” Premiere at Indiana University Southeast

On April 13, 2016, the Indiana University Southeast YAL Chapter launched its’ screening of “Can We Take A Joke?” The comical documentary was very entertaining as students and guests were reminded of what free speech actually entails in a society filled with political correctness. We went around our campus with flyers, we made the sidewalks on campus as colorful as possible with our chalk, and we….brought out the BIG BALL!

The Leadership!

Our Free Speech Ball had done its part in activating student interest and excitement about “Can We Take A Joke?” We had hundreds of students participate including our very own Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor. The administrative staff was very supportive.

President Shawn Billups Moderating
On then night of the showing, we began to set-up! Each desk had a pocket Constitution and a couple of pamphlets to give our guests more info about YAL. There was popcorn, cake, candy and drinks being served. At first we had some technical difficulties but we were soon able to show the screening. Laughter filled the room as we transitioned to the showing of “Can We Take A Joke?”
After the showing, we had a great discussion for about 30 minutes. We also had a bonus education on Libertarian principles from the Chairperson and other members of the local Libertarian Party. Our chapter learned a lot about being 150% prepared for anything! It was truly phenomenal event.
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