Can you tell the difference between a Palestinian and an Israeli?

On of these children is Israeli; one is Palestinian.  Which is which?  I can’t tell either.  In fact, the boy on the left is Palestinian, and the girl on the right is Israeli.  But just as the artist intended, it’s hard to see the differences here.

Using kids is a genius move for equally obvious reasons. It’s hard to look at the pictures and not think about allowing their fresh faces to make up for centuries of mistakes, about letting them just be kids. Or maybe that’s just me. If you’re dead set on destroying the “other kind,” these pictures probably won’t have much affect. But for those good souls have simply gotten caught up in the fervor of the crowd, the face of a child (or two children who look like one) may be just what it takes.

Read more about this project here (I’m a few months late in finding it, but it’s still worth a look).  Read more on the situation in Israel and Palestine here.

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