Candlelight Vigil for Ukraine and Venezuela

In Ukraine and Venezuela, students no older than you or I stand face to face with their oppressors and demand their civil liberties be recognized. Some of them have sacrificed everything for this cause, and the resolve of their compatriots only grows stronger with each passing day. Governments which have long since overstepped their limits are coming to understand what John Locke meant by the “right of revolution.”

Melissa Holding Sign

Inspired by an idea from Students for Liberty, the Marshall University Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty joined other organizations in holding a candlelight vigil to honor those who have given everything for the pursuit of liberty in these countries. Despite the harsh weather, numerous students huddled around glowing sticks of dripping wax, showing no matter the distance, we support our fellow students struggling for freedom. 

Ukraine and Venezuela Signs

Even as international tensions escalate over Ukraine, and Russia mounts (though denies) an illegal invasion, we hope those standing for liberty refuse to back down. No matter whom they must face, we urge them to never give up until they are free.

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