Candlelight vigil to be held for declining US dollar

YAL at Indiana University will be holding a candlelight vigil for the declining US dollar, reports Field Rep Craig Dixon:

The Federal Reserve Note (FRN), established in 1913 by a private, central-banking cartel, has been in slow decline over the course of its life span, losing around 98% of its original value. The FRN is in grave condition, being artificially sustained by life support systems from overseas.

The FRN has led a turbulent life, following a tragic separation from its partner, gold, in 1933, it fell into a depression and inflated massively over the course of the next several decades. The divorce became final in 1971.

The FRN’s continued bloating has proven detrimental to its health over the span of this time, with some saying that the FRN never fully recovered from its split from gold.

Read more on this clever and (I think) hilarious activism idea here.

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