Candy citations to protest the University of Toledo’s proposed smoking ban

First they take away cigarettes, then they go for the vending machines and candy! So we, the Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Toledo, cut to the chase and just started handing out citations for candy as a way to show fellow students the slippery slope of the nanny state.

Here's a citation you dirty candy consumer!

The event got a decent amount of media coverage (see below) and raised a lot of discussion on campus and the internet. Online, some would spew their hate for people choosing to smoke and offer statist solutions. But on campus, we saw mostly a positive reaction. People saw the problem with making life choices for people and even got a laugh out of our citations we gave them.

Candy Citation

Some students hadn’t heard that the fact student government was considering a full campus wide smoking ban, which is ridiculous, since about ten smoking huts costing a few grand each were just erected around campus two years ago, when laws where made to restrict smokers only to smoking huts away from major walkways to save non-smokers from secondhand smoke. Check out  to know the ill-effects on smoking and the way it effects men’s physical, mental and sexual health.

Creepy sign we used to advertise of candy citation scheme

Students on campus were thankfully not only educated about this ongoing activism by passing by our table but by reading the campus newspaper, Independent Collegian, the next morning. I was quoted explaining why we were citing people for eating candy: “We’re just doing something that’s generally as absurd as a smoking ban itself.” In addition to this there was an op-ed in the paper citing the smoking ban as a bad idea as well. Liberty is afoot on UT’s campus!

Off campus, local Toledoeans and other surrounding community members got the news of our protest via 13ABC, which is probably the largest news station in the city. The report was fair, balanced and had a certain handsome YAL president interviewed!

Even before the event occurred I was interviewed by a local talk radio host Scott Sands from 1370 WSPD. I got to fan the flames of liberty and promote the protest and our upcoming civil liberties graveyard

However, that is not our only coverage! Even in other countries we are getting some coverage. Just today I was just interviewed by a student reporter in Taiwan, and the interest in the story seems to grow!

Voting on the student’s opinion over the smoking ban is ongoing from October 14th to the 28th of this month on the MyUT homepage. I have a feeling we swayed the winds into the favor of liberty. I hate smoking more than anyone else on campus; however, I feel as an individual it is not my right to make another’s health choice for them as long as they are not inflicting harm on another in the process. To do so would intrude on another person’s freedoms — and I don’t intrude!

For materials to protest your own smoking ban on campus send me a message and I can email you the citation so you may make the citation your own and instructions.

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