Cap and Trade Passes Because of 8 Republicans

The Republican Party wonders why it can’t get seem to get its act together: It’s because Republicans say one thing on the campaign trail and do another once they are elected.

The Cap and Trade Bill passed in the House by 2 votes. And if that wasn’t bad enough, eight Republicans voted for the bill. The bill now goes to the Senate, and we must focus our efforts there. But in the meantime, here is the list of Republicans that voted for this bill:

Mary Bono (CA 45) 202-225-5330
Michael Castle (DE) 202-225-4165
Mark Kirk (IL 10) 202-225-4835
Leonard Lance (NJ 7) 202-225-5361
Frank Lo Biondo (NJ 2) 202-225-6572
John Mc Hugh (NY 23) 202-225-4611
David Reichert (WA8) 202-2257761
Chris Smith (NJ 4) 202-225-3765

This bill was voted on without time to actually be read. It was pushed through the Congress in a month, even though bills usually take forever to see the House Floor. This is tyranny against the American people.

If this is signed, we will see higher utility bills, gas prices, and grocery prices all across the country. Businesses will collapse to their knees to pay for this, and so will the ordinary American.

Greenpeace said today that this bill will do nothing for the global climate change problem we apparently suffer from. This is a power grab by big government to have more control over our lives. They seek to tell us how to live, and this is why R3VOLUTION is on its way.

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