“Capitalism is the Only Option” feat. Brian Ogstad

Recently, Auburn YAL had the pleasure of hosting a meeting featuring Brian Ogstad. Mr. Ogstad was kind enough to join us on Thursday, November 8th to deliver his presentation “Capitalism is the Only Option”, touting the merits of free-market Capitalism as compared to other economic systems.

In addition to making excellent points and providing insight into the mechanisms behind a free-market system, Brian was also quite the charismatic speaker, keeping the whole chapter entertained and intrigued throughout his presentation. He was also gracious enough to bring along copies of his book, “Man, State, and Liberty” to share with us. We at the Auburn YAL chapter would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Mr. Ogstad for his delightful presentation!


If you’d like to learn more about Brian Ogstad or purchase a copy of “Man, State, and Liberty”, you can check out his website at http://www.brianogstad.com/

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