Capitol on the Plains at Auburn University

Recently, the Auburn YAL Chapter was invited to participate in the yearly Capitol on the Plains event for the first time in the history of the chapter.

Capitol on the Plains is an event put on each year by Auburn’s College Democrats and College Republicans chapters in which representatives from the Alabama state legislature are invited to come to campus and speak about various political issues. This year’s guest speakers were comprised of Speaker of the House, Mac McCutcheon, Representative Elaine Beech, Representative Anthony Daniels, and Representative Terri Collins. The discussions had during the forum spanned a wide range of topics, most centering around the Alabama Legislatures fiscal expenditures.

Many of our regular members attended, with several staffing a table in the back of the auditorium loaded down with pamphlets, literature, and plentry of YAL swag to give out. As always, the table and our message of Liberty generated lots of positive response!

Capitol on the Plains

We were able to strike up conversations with several other attendees, and even got a few new emails to add to our weekly list. All in all, the event was enjoyable to spectate, but even more enjoyable as an opportunity to network with fellow students who share our interest in politics.

We look forward to attending next year’s Capitol on the Plains, and hope that we can help to make it an even bigger success in the years to come!

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