Cardinal Stritch University YAL Chapter Starts Out Strong


Last week, our YAL Chapter at CSU tabled at the Club Carnival. We were able to collect 16 sign-ups of people who were greatly interested in both joining our club and learning about our philosophy.

YAL Chapter at CSU

Being a smaller, more liberal (politically) environment, a few individuals were a bit hard to sell the idea to, but with the help of YAL State Chair, Matt Cannizzo we were able to persuade them into possibly joining the chapter.

Club Carnival

We were surprised at the amount of students interested in being involved in a political group, as we in YAL know we’re not exactly mainstream on a college campus. Getting 16 people in one day is a big deal for our beginning chapter considering the small size of our school and its predisposed political leanings.

We are looking forward to getting in touch with all of the people that we were able to recruit so we can get this YAL Chapter going strong. We plan on having bi-weekly meetings on Tuesday afternoons but that can be subject to change based on availability of members.


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