Carleton Recruitment Drive


This has been Carleton YAL’s first recruitment drive since the inauguration of Donald Trump. We received over 23 sign-ups today, and most of the students were conservatives who were disillusioned by the Republican Party, especially after the club was disbanded by its president this term. This turn-out is the precise opposite of my previous experience; for the entire past year, liberals disillusioned with Hillary/Bernie came to YAL meetings regularly. It seems that the under the political polarization of Donald Trump, the left is choosing to remain entrenched in their ideological camp and not acknowledge the existence of alternative political opinions in their communities. To my dismay, I expect mostly students on the right to show up to our first meeting, undoing the environment of heated debate and dialogue we had last year.

 It will be interesting to see how conservatives at a heavily left-leaning school will perceive libertarianism. My first goal is to begin an alternative political publication for non-left leaning students to blog about their views without having their identities revealed. Our first topic is Politics and the Media: How Bias Obstructs the Pursuit of Knowledge. This year should bring new challenges which carry several opportunities for advancing liberty on campus. 

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