Case Western Reserve University YAL Has a Liberty-filled Spring Semester

Although this Spring semester was quite a chilly one, that did not stop YAL members at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH from spreading the message of liberty on our campus.

CWRU YAL President Meredith Miller meeting Rep. Justin Amash at YAL's booth during ISFLC

Our first event in early February offered a way for students to warm up while learning about liberty.  At this event, called “Why LiberTEA,” we set-up in a highly-frequented building on campus, where we handed out Why Liberty books (donated to us graciously by our friends at Students for Liberty) and served up hot cups of tea.

For students who had time to stop at the table, we offered a political quiz to take and plot themselves on a Nolan chart.  Not surprisingly, many more students were liberty-leaning in their political mindset. We handed out over 200 books and got several new sign-ups!

Students table at the "Why LiberTEA" event in February

Secretary Rachael Becker and Treasurer Ed Niedoba tabling at our "Why LiberTEA" Event

Our second event of the semester was “Police Officer Says: End the Drug War,” held in late March. For this event, we brought in Deputy Sheriff Carlis McDerment, a speaker from LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), accompanied by a friend from the Ohio chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).

The speakers discussed how the drug war has negatively impacted our society and how drug legalization may, in fact, help drug addicts. In addition, we offered pizza, brownies, and soda to attendees of the event. We had a sizable outcome, with about 35 people attending, and several new sign-ups. Following the presentation, we had a question session that led to many invigorating discussions on drug abuse and legalization.

NORML and LEAP speakers during the "Police Officer Says: End the Drug War" event in March

A few weeks after our drug war event, we decided to switch our focus to another important issue: privacy.  We hosted an event called “The NSA: We’ll Be Watching You,” where we brought in speaker Carlos Werner.

He discussed the NSA and its abuses of our civil liberties, as well as false promises that the current administration has made regarding NSA reform. This event had a smaller turnout at around 15 people, but this resulted in a more intimate setting where we were able to discuss with Mr. Werner in more detail about the NSA and our rights as citizens. The event proved incredibly informative, increasing our knowledge of what exactly the NSA has been doing.

For our final event of the semester in late April, we returned to tabling. During our school’s annual Spring Fest, we set up a booth called “War on Youth” as a part of YAL’s national Spring activism event.  

During the several hours that our booth was up, we had hundreds of people stop by, grabbing books, taking the Nolan political quiz, and of course playing “Pong off your debt” with the Obama fathead we were supplied by YAL nationals. The event was great for not only spreading the word about our organization’s presence on campus, but also for spreading the message of liberty.  We had nearly 20 new sign-ups during this event!

President Meredith Miller showcasing our booth "War on YOUth" at our school's annual Spring Fest

Overall, we had a very successful Spring semester. From tabling about our massive debt and the philosophy of liberty, to hosting speakers on the NSA and the war on drugs, we not only helped to establish ourselves as one of the leading organizations on campus, but also helped people understand what liberty really is.

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