Case Western Reserve University YAL has Successful Recruitment Drive

Our Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Case Western Reserve University has started the year off strong!

Rachael Becker working on our sign

After a logistics meeting with the officers, we began to prepare for the Student Activities Fair. We worked tediously for hours to make a sharp tri-fold that accurately represented both our chapter and organization.  

On the left-hand side of the board, we displayed “Ten Reasons to Join YAL,” adapted from a handout that YAL National had given us. In the middle, we displayed the political spectrum (adapted from another handout from national), indicating what we as Young Americans for Liberty believe and don’t believe. At the bottom of the center read the words “Peace,” Liberty,” and “Prosperity,” which once appeared on YAL’s official logo.  The right side of the tri-fold displayed information about our chapter.  This included information about who to contact, when meetings were, and what events we have hosted before.

Meredith Miller preparing our trifold

Completed Trifold

Our table at the Student Activities Fair looked incredibly sharp, with our tri-fold, banner, a tablecloth, books, flyers, and candy, of course.  It successfully attracted the attention of many passersby, with many stopping and asking us more about what we do.  We made sure to distribute information about YAL as well as when our meetings were.  At the end of the fair, we had 37 unique sign-ups, including both freshmen and returning students.

Table at Student Activities Fair

Talking to a freshman at Student Activities FairBefore Student Activities Fair

In preparation for our first meeting, we downloaded and customized the PowerPoint made available on the YAL recruitment website (link: Fall 2013 Recruitment Drive | Young Americans for Liberty). We then printed out handouts of the powerpoint slides, brought them to the first meeting, and distributed them to the new members. This verified that they had all the essential information they needed about our chapter.  We were able to order pizza from Domino’s for the meeting — thanks to YAL National for giving us the gift card following our participation in recruitment training.  

First meeting powerpoint handouts

We had 20 attendees at the meeting, a much greater turn-out than our meetings last year.  Of these attendees, 11 were new members. This means that we have more than doubled our chapter size, thanks in large part due to our presence at student activities fair! We hope to continue to grow our chapter by maintaining such a presence on our campus year round. Now, it’s time for us to prepare for our September events, most importantly Constitution Week.  Ideally, these events will attract more people to our chapter and spread the principles of liberty around our community.

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