Catching Up with YAL at FIU

 YAL at FIU has had numerous productive tabling events on campus, an Incarceration Nation event, and a great general meeting with our avant-garde Veep Ty Hicks as a virtual liberty speaker. Here at FIU, we’re starting to have good momentum gaining liberty-converts, pulling in liberal students with talk on civil liberties, and then showing them how they’re more firmly attainable with a free market approach. It is significantly easier than trying to convince traditional conservatives to be less hawkish and nationalistic. We have not had any issues with censorship whatsoever, and most people we talk to are happy our club exists. We will continue to try to build membership numbers in our chapter as our Yaloween event comes up next Monday.

In Liberty,

Chaim Schwartz

YAL at FIU President

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