Catholic University Membership Drive

Recruitment is never an easy task, and given the bureacratized nature of student organizations at Catholic University, it is especially difficult to book a table if you are a new student organization. For these two reasons alone, I would consider our latest recruitment drive at Catholic University a great success.

We were able to reserve a table in the Student Center during dinner hours, and I even recruited former DC state chair Annamarie Rienzi from American University to head over to Catholic and help out. While the recruitment was not as successful as last semester in terms of new signups, we did generate interest amongst several underclassman which is central to growing our YAL chapter since so many of the current members are upper classman.

The recruitment drive was however, successful in generating turnout for the meeting we had on that following Friday, as we had 10 new members show up. Overall, I think that the recruitment drive gave the CUA Chapter the members and on campus presence it needs to successfully hold an activism event this month, and really speak to an issue that the campus community can relate to.

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