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The Cayuga Community College chapter of Young Americans for Liberty has been up to some very interesting things in the past few months. Not only has their chapter become one of the top clubs on campus but the members have been tabling almost everyday and gathering more and more members for their chapter.

Chapter President Johnny Exner and State Chair Dan Giles created the chapter on November 16, 2016. The first members to join were Johnny Exner, Vice President Brendan Gill, Secretary Abbie Connors, Treasurer Hannah Abrams, Outreach Coordinators Tristan Nolan, Brendan Malone, Brendan Hall and our Social Media Coordinator, Tony Fethers. Our main goal then was just to get people to help spread awareness about our chapter and within about a week we had about 20 people sign up. Within weeks we had started our first campus event, the Free Speech Ball.

Our free speech ball event was a huge success on the campus with many students coming down to express their free thoughts. Many phrases were scrawled over the ball such as “There are only two genders” “Sweden is cucked” and even some poetry! By the end of the Fall 2016 semester we had almost 50 people signed up. We are currently fundraising for our trip to the YAL Boston Spring Summit.

Our most recent fundraiser/protest was the Not Pot Brownie sale. Our sale consisted of selling brownies in pots to fundraise out trip and to protest the war on drugs. We had many flavors such as triple chocolate, bacon chocolate fudge and peanut butter! We sold them all throughout the day and it was a very huge success even landing us on the front page of our school paper. This chapter has much more room to grow and I can’t wait to see what else it can accomplish!

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