CCSU Recruitment Drive

Our YAL chapter at Central Connecticut State University held our first recruitment drive of the semester and it was probably one of the most successful recruitment drives we have had in our chapter’s history.  We were able to attract many students to our table, sharing new ideas about the principles of liberty, the Constitution, and free markets. We also had numerous amounts of interested students sign up to receive more information about the club.  As a result of the recruitment drive, we were able to recruit new members who now have been attending meetings and helping with events.
Our outreach and efforts to spread the message of liberty to a new demographic of students is paying off. Not only do we see a greater interest in our organization among students, but we are also creating more dialogue and beginning to introduce more diversity of thought to our campus.  
This is not only helping our chapter, but helping the idea of liberty break through the chains of political correctness that had been plaguing liberal colleges. We hope to see a transition towards free thinking and free ideas. This creates a healthier learning environment, no matter what the academic left may say.
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