CCSU spring tabling


This is my first blog post as a YAL chapter president of the a new chapter at Central Connecticut State University. Our chapter is currently under review to become an official organization on campus! It has been a long process but we are so close now we can almost taste it!

After a few tabling events this semester, by far the most useful tool in attracting people would definitely be the World’s Smallest Political Quiz from the Advocates for Self Government. It attracts many people and of course as many of you have experienced more people end up as a libertarian (or closer too it) than people may realize! I am very excited to get our chapter going and do some events. The few meetings we have had have sparked some excellent discussions and people generally seem pretty interested in the ideas of liberty. Many of you seem to have great ideas about member recruitment, activities, and events which I am very excited to learn about and try some myself!

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