Celebrating the Constitution at Folsom Lake College


More and more students today are quick to forget the source and inspiration of their freedom. They are complacent with our over-reaching government, which places a leash on society under the guise of “security.” That’s why it is more important than ever that dedicated liberty activists seek out this apathy and revitalize an interest in our Founding Document. Here at Folsom Lake College, we Young Americans for Liberty tried to do just that.




We wanted to celebrate the 225th anniversary of our Constitution with dignity and style, and fortunately for us our school was very accommodating. We worked in conjunction with our Student Senate and prepared the festivities for the event. Most of the preparation was left up to us, with the Senate providing volunteers to help pass out Constitutional birthday brownies. Once we had attracted students with food, they naturally gravitated over to our table to share in the wisdom and greatness of our unalienable rights.


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Rest assured, we didn’t just hand out free stuff. They had to work for it. To receive a Birthday Brownie, they had to complete some sample questions from a United States Citizenship test. Once that was completed, they would come over to us to get a pocket Constitution. We tested them on their Constitutional knowledge, and if they possessed a great intellect we would reward them with the special, fancy Constitutions. If not, they still received a normal one so they could educate themselves. During the event, our Chapter President gave a speech regarding the importance of the Constitution and how it has been violated recently. The crowd was very responsive and even our political science professors found it to be very informative and engaging.


This event provided for an excellent opportunity to recruit more interested students to the cause of Liberty as well. The students who appreciated the pocket Constitutions stuck around and were curious about our philosophy of liberty. This event served as a perfect coming out party for our chapter and the student body got to learn a little bit about us and what we are here to do. Most found it a worthy cause as we were able to pick up several new members.

But that’s not all we did — we also tabled every day throughout the week so that our campus knew exactly what was being celebrated. Luckily for us, our Club Fair was during this week and was situated around an American patriotism theme. They couldn’t have made it easier for us. At the Club Fair, we had our Free Speech Wall displayed so people could voice their opinion, and that they did. We also had our World’s Smallest Political Quiz set up and many students found it a very intriguing formula for determining one’s political mindset.


The Club Fair worked out perfectly, and our booth was frequented by most attending. So far this year, students have given us a warm reception, with few disagreeing with our principles. This is a rare occurrence for a California school, and has much to do with us being located near one of the most conservative counties in the state. Students here generally are bitter towards the liberal governance presented by the state legislature, and welcome our anti-statist ideas.

In the end we provided many activities, materials, and resources for our student body. Pocket Constitutions, free speech wall, birthday brownies, Constitution Quizzes, informational videos, speeches, books, and knowledge were just some of things we presented during Constitution Week. It was a wonderful experience and a good opportunity to stretch our legs and try out hosting an event. It was a big success and just the beginning, as FLC now has a staunch voice when it comes to our founding philosophies!

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