Central Arkansas Shenanigans

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Central Arkansas has had a busy October.  Early in the month, we held an impromptu “sermon” on the steps of the university cafeteria during a busy lunch hour, in which one of our more charismatic members thundered passages from the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation to intrigued bystanders.  We took advantage of this confusion by handing out pocket Constitutions, YAL promotional materials, and copies of “I, Pencil.”  All in all, the event was a success, as we had depleted all our resources within an hour and a half.

Ashley's Sermon

Approximately a week later, we hosted two guests at our weekly meeting. One of them, Will Varley, is an employee of Generation Opportunity, who has been staying in Arkansas on GenOpp business, working to mobilize voters to kick out politicians who supported ObamaCare. Our other guest was free speech/gun rights revolutionary and UCA alum Cody Wilson, most famous for founding Defense Distributed, distributing the 3-D printable gun, The Liberator, and co-creating the Bitcoin anonymity software, Dark Wallet.  We enjoyed having them immensely.

Libby handing out stuff

Finally, we brought several members, as well as activists from other universities, to the Students For Liberty Regional Conference in New Orleans on October 25. The conference was a smashing success, and we will hopefully have even more success with the International Students For Liberty Conference in DC next year. We had a great time this month and hope for a successful November, starting with our celebration of Guy Fawkes Day!

Cody and Will at YAL meeting

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