Central Michigan University Chapter Finds our Voice through YAL Activism

CMU YAL gets people to question war

Central Michigan University experienced a significant splash in its Spring Semester with the emergence of a new YAL chapter on campus. Our YAL chapter found our voice on campus through the Generation of War activism project.

Tabling efforts don't go unnoticed

In order to gain student’s attention, we decided to host an essay contest based on foreign policy. We tabled over the course of two weeks, gained a significant amount of people’s emails, and raised awareness of the costs of the wars in the Middle East.

Essay Contest peaks students' interest

To complement our tabling efforts, we set out on one chilly night and covered the entire campus with our message in chalk. Students found it difficult to not stop and admire our huge mural of Lady Liberty on the main walk in campus.

Dedicated students chalk for liberty

With both of these efforts, we got as many contestants to enter into the contest as possible so that we could get students to think more critically about the U.S.’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as come to our Generation of War meeting.

Lady Liberty heralds in the core of campus

After gaining contestants for our essay contest, our Executive Board graded each and selected the top two winners to be announced at our Generation of War meeting, where one of our members gave a detailed presentation on the costs of the U.S.’s continued interventionist policy.

Liberty's message stands out on campus

Our biggest showing yet comes to our GOW meeting

Our Generation of War meeting was a great success for our new group: Eighteen people were in attendance, many of whom had never been a part of YAL before. This proved to be our biggest showing yet, for our semester-old group. Also, the discussion that came from discussing the essay topics was engaging of all members, both new and old

President Ty Hicks discusses interventionism and announces essay winners

Secretary Wyatt Bush gives a presentation on interventionism

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