Central Michigan University Recruitment and Constitution Week

At Central Michigan University, our YAL chapter has had its busiest semester to date, and we are only a few weeks in. Our action plan for the year began with recruitment at CMU’s Mainstage Activity Fair. There, we had several volunteers stacking three tables to recruit. One of these tables was for our chapter’s brand new humanitarian project––a Liberty in North Korea Rescue Team. We worked hard throughout the afternoon to get over 100 sign-ups.



The hard work wasn’t over, though. We followed up with each sign-up in preparation for our kickoff meeting just two days later, where we had forty attendees in spite of short notice for most.

At our kickoff meeting, we celebrated the launch of our new LiNK initiative, introduced the philosophy of liberty to our attendees, and told them some of what we had in store for the year — including our goal to raise enough funds to rescue two North Korean refugees.  

We kept up the momentum after the kickoff meeting and brought in our first speaker of the year. Michael Malice, an author, came to CMU to educate students on the issues facing North Koreans and how the philosophy of liberty can be their saving grace.



Thanks to our dedicated members, we brought 79 attendees to the event, catching the attention of the university. We had students lined up out the door to sign in!

After giving new recruits a taste of what our YAL chapter is all about, we geared up for constitution week. To educate students on the First Amendment and the value of speech in a free society, we erected a Free Speech Wall for student expression. We brought in even more sign-ups for our YAL chapter, inspired students, and gained some media from our school.



The following week, we hosted a meeting to talk about some of the major violations of the Constitution in the 21st Century and the value of this historic document.


I told my members that “you can’t understand the Constitution without understanding the Declaration of Independence.” That, as Abraham Lincoln had put it, “the Declaration is the apple of gold, and the Constitution is the frame of silver placed around it to adorn and preserve it.” Thus, the principles of liberty enshrined in the Declaration were to be protected with the Constitution.

Even after all of this, we aren’t burnt out yet. The rest of the fall will bring even more successes for our chapter and the movement!

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