Central Michigan Young Americans for Liberty Starting Run

This year is the first year Central Michigan Young Americans for Liberty has been active up here in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Even with our small size, we’ve seen some incredible success with our first semester recruitment, and we’re overjoyed at what lies ahead.

MainStage Recruitment

We started the year out at MainStage, a CMU tradition where hundreds of groups and businesses gather to spread the word about their organizations. We were happy to people find their position on the political diamond, only to help enlighten them to the prospects of Liberty in all corners of the spectrum. Our message was incredibly well received, and we got over fifty signups from the tabling alone!

After MainStage, we took to the sidewalks to help get our name under the feet of students across campus, and hopefully, into their heads. 


Chalking 2

Chalking 3

As our first meeting approached, we were unsure as to what to expect. Even with as much success as we had tabling, we couldn’t be sure that people were really going to commit to the group. Finally, that first Tuesday night came, and we waited for 8 PM to Roll around.


Kickoff 2

kickoff 3

kickoff 4

kickoff 6

kickoff 5

We were flabbergasted with the AMAZING turnout! Including our own EBoard, the Kickoff Meeting headcount was 56. Having upstarted just this fall, we were incredibly proud at how well our name had proliferated across campus. We teamed up with a second separate organization, University Libertarians, to provide our guests with pizza, games, and a great message of the growing pro-liberty movement on CMU’s campus.

Since then, we’ve gained eleven more registered YAL members in our chapter, and we’re still reaching out to new people every week. Based on our starting run, we hold tremendous prospects for the growth of Young Americans for Liberty here at Central Michigan!

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