Chaffey YAL Kicks Off 2014 Fall Recruitment Drive!

Chaffey College is among the first campuses to open its doors in Southern California, so a YAL regional task force took advantage of the opportunity to recruit some much-needed new members for the newly forming Chaffey YAL chapter. I had the pleasure of being a part of this awesome liberty team!

A full activism report is forthcoming, but for now you can check out these great photos:


We didn’t think to ask for permission to set up a table. Nobody came to stop us, so it wasn’t a problem that Chaffey YAL isn’t yet officially recognized by campus administrators.


The World’s Smallest Political Quiz is a great way to reach out to students who don’t seem interested in politics. It helped us tailor our message to each student and get them interested in our club.


Now we can focus on getting Chaffey YAL officially recognized by the college, executing our first meeting, and contacting our signups. Stay tuned, and wish us luck!

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